Material testing

Damage to heavily loaded materials is not uncommon. Comprehensive preventative inspections by RUAG identify potential vulnerabilities and help to make your products more resilient. Ensure increased product quality by having the materials tested by specialists....


Test procedure Test laboratory   
Non-destructive testing, crack tests Thun Zurich
Visual testing (VT)  
Dry penetrant testing (PT)  
Magnetic particle testing (MT)  
Ultrasound testing (UT)  
Eddy-current testing (ET)  
Mechanical, technological testing    
Spectral analysis  
Tensile / pressure testing
Notch impact testing  
Bend test
Hardness testing
Material analysis    
Coating thickness measurement  
MIcrohardness measurement  
Specialised topic    
Testing in clean room  
Further information    
ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test lab 
STS 0050 accreditation  
ISO 9001
PSP11 security verified employees  
Safety concept meets US regulations
according to ITAR guidelines